Against the Wind

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Nothing is as strong as the wind of change.

One morning, Sarah (Audrey Tautou) vanishes, leaving her husband Paul (Benoit Magimel) and their young son and daughter reeling, without a word as to her whereabouts or a clue about when she will return. As time passes, Paul anxiously but tenderly tries to sustain some sense of normalcy and after a year, in an attempt to start over, he reluctantly returns to his coastal home town. There, he takes a job as a driving instructor, reunites with his estranged brother and befriends a local police officer (Isabelle Carré). But still he dreams of Sarah, refusing to let go. Why did she leave, and will she return? 

Based on a best-selling novel by Olivier Adam (the cowriter of Philippe Lioret’s Welcome), AGAINST THE WIND is a deeply moving family drama with immense depth and heart.

Other Details:

Rating: M

Running Time: 88 mins

Region: 4 PAL

Release Date: 4 September, 2013

Main Cast: Benoit Magimel, Isabelle Carré, Bouli Lanners, Audrey Tautou

Director: Jalil Lespert