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The billion dollar energy industry has a dirty little secret…

One of the most controversial documentaries of recent years, the Oscar-nominated GASLAND is a compelling and emotional first-person story of discovery and, ultimately, empowerment.

In 2008 theatre director Josh Fox received a letter from a natural gas company offering him $100 000 for permission to explore his upstate New York property. Josh’s curiosity led him to ask questions and he discovered that the method for extracting the “Saudi Arabia” of gas reserves, hydraulic fracturing, is exempt from several important federal protections, including the clean water act.

As Josh sets out on a journey across America’s heartland, his personal concerns quickly uncover global ones: the billion dollar business of fracking has contaminated the water supply, the corporate giants are in cover-up mode, and the PR-spun government has not only turned a blind eye, but has regulated itself out of the picture.

Rough-hewn yet poetic, the film is a desperate plea for scrutiny of a powerful industry that has now turned its eyes on a new, massive and (for now) largely unexplored territory: Australia.

Rating: CTC

Running Time: 104 minutes plus features

Region: 4 PAL

Release Date: 13th April, 2011

Director: Josh Fox

Special Features: Over 45 minutes of bonus scenes, plus interviews with Josh Fox.

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